New gourmet burger restaurant to open in Bridgwater

New gourmet burger restaurant to open in BridgwaterNew gourmet burger restaurant to open in Bridgwater

New gourmet burger restaurant to open in Bridgwater.

The owner believes it will offer a restaurant experience “Bridgwater hasn’t got”.

A new gourmet burger restaurant is opening in Bridgwater later this week.

Shane’s Gourmet Burgers, named after the owner’s 17-month-old grandson, is set to open on Friday (May 11).

Owner, Russell Moody, told reporters he came up with the idea for a burger restaurant with his partner after remembering their childhood.

He said: “I came out of small building work, as a carpenter, due to illness.

“My partner recalled a place we used to frequent when we were younger, which was a very similar place to this.

“That’s where the idea came from and we thought ‘yes, let’s do that.”

Builders are currently putting the finishing touches to the interior and kitchen at the Eastover premises.

Mr Moody said the restaurant will use locally sourced food to help promote Somerset produce.

“We are based around burgers, gourmet burgers, so we have buffalo, lamb, pork, beef and various toppings”, he said.

“We have a set menu but you can mix and match what you want to go on top.

“There’s sweet potato fries, thick chips and potato croquette.

“We are also offering gluten-free lamb burgers for people who are gluten intolerant.”

Mr Moody believes Shane’s Gourmet Burgers will offer an experience which “Bridgwater hasn’t got” and will stand out in the town.

He said: “You do have other burger restaurants around the place which do your basic run of the mill cheap burgers.

“This is more of a meal experience where you can sit in with the family, sit down with your girlfriend or boyfriend, on your own, whichever you want to do.

“In my opinion it’s a lot more stress free and a little more space and we have left tables out to create a bit more comfort.

“The meal experience itself for the burgers will hopefully be a good one.”

Mr Moody says he is optimistic ahead of the restaurant’s opening.

He stated: “I think it will go okay as we are creating a load of interest.

“I have had so many people in the door having a look or asking what’s it going to be, if we are open and if they can sit inside.

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